Why now is the time to see a pain physician

From Dr. Jason Kreiner


With the warm weather right around the corner, there is no better time than now to get back in shape. During the cold days of winter it is very common for the aches and pains in your body to get progressively worse.   Most people spend those cold days stuck indoors waiting for that sunny day to go for a walk or hit the golf course. However, waiting too long can make your body injury prone. Whether it is a lack of exercise, poor eating, or everyday stress, your body can wear down during a long winter.


If you have developed neck, back, arm, or leg pain it is a good time to speak to your pain physician. Untreated back pain can lead to stress, weight gain, depression, elevated blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, and numerous other dangerous conditions. It is never too early to act. The first step is to see your interventional pain physician to establish a diagnosis and begin treatment as soon as possible. Those sunny days are fast approaching and here at the Pain Institute of Long Island we want you to be able to enjoy them.


From Dr. Peter Lascarides


Dr. Peter Lascarides lectured the local community about treatment options for chronic pain syndromes. Fortunately despite the frigid weather, which commonly aggravates joint pain, an array of treatment modalities exist for people that battle through the cold. Coming from a background in physiatry, Dr. Lascarides firmly believes in having patients ‘prime’ their day early in the morning, before they go out. He encourages patients to set aside time to towards stretching and exercise routines. Implementing this strategy is often the first successful step in helping patients take control of their pain. Various interventional treatment modalities may be considered for those unfortunate patients who suffer from pain refractory to conservative measures. Treatment modalities often include nerve blocks and injections that focus medications in areas of wear and tear, which help improve pain and function. Exciting new areas of pain management now include developments in the field of neuromodulation, which is a therapy that regulates the activity of nerves sending pain signals to the brain. To see Dr Lascarides and learn more about treatment options, call (631) 474-0707.