Pain Institute of Long Island Has Partnered with Pain Management Specialist in Rockville Centre, NY



The Pain Institute of Long Island is happy to announce that we have partnered with Dr. Pinsky, in Rockville Centre. We began our work together in March and have been busy helping more people achieve pain management and relief in the Long Island area. The office is within easy access to the Long Island Railroad, making it convenient for those who use public transit to reach us. There is also ample parking next to the building on the east side. Be sure to use the spots that are reserved for our office, marked “Pain Management”.


Dr. Steven H. Pinsky Listed with Top Pain Doctors on Long Island

Dr. Pinsky is the attending physician and is consistently listed as one of Long Island’s top pain doctors in Newsday’s Top Doctors List. Here is what one patient said about their experience with Dr. Pinsky: “I was in terrible pain when I went to see Dr. Pinsky in early 2017. I had a herniated disk and after examining me and reviewing my films. he gave me an epidural. I wound up needing surgery within the next two weeks – but after the epidural the pain was bearable and I could walk again. He was patient and thorough, answered all of my questions and was available by phone for follow up. Bedside manner was great and I would see him again if the need arose.

Dr. Pinsky works with an experienced and committed staff of caring people. They will all work hard to be sure your experience is the best it can be. All of us at Pain Institute of Long Island understand that living day in and day out, with pain can cause a great deal of distress. We do all we can to reduce any apprehensions you may have about dealing with medical procedures and treatments, with our focus on keeping you as comfortable as you can be, on your road to pain relief.

Cutting Edge Procedures Offered
Pain Institute of Long Island stays on the cutting edge of pain management treatment and techniques. The Rockville Centre office is equipped with a state of the art procedure suite for Epidural Steroid Injections, Nerve Blocks and Hip Joint Injections. These various blocks and injections have proven to be highly effective over a period of time and can aid the doctors’ further diagnosis and appropriate treatment. If the patient has improvements, then the doctor has a better idea of which treatment to use next.

Learn Pain Management in Rockville Centre, NY
For you as a patient, it is a learning experience. You are not just getting treatments and going home. You will also be guided in how to cope with and manage pain, as you receive treatments. This may include instructions on how to sit, stand, bend, lift and sleep in a way to prevent and reduce pain. It may also include exercises and how to move if you enjoy specific sports and activities. Our goal is to help you get back to a happy, healthy, active life.

If the Rockville Centre office is near you or if any of our other three locations (Port Jefferson, Woodbury or Riverhead) are more convenient and you are interested in learning about pain management for yourself or someone you love, please call (516) 764-4875 or email us today.