Pain Institute of Long Island is the First to Offer a Breakthrough Treatment for Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain

The Intracept Procedure – new minimally invasive outpatient procedure which targets a nerve located in the bones of the spine (vertebrae) – is clinically proven to relieve chronic low back pain.

Chronic low back pain is the most expensive occupational disorder in the United States and a leading cause of disability worldwide. CLBP impacts approximately 30 million people in the United States with nearly 900,000 new occurrences each year. The majority of CLBP sufferers do not get adequate relief from conservative treatments and are not surgical candidates. Today, nearly 80 percent of CLBP sufferers fail to find pain relief with available treatments.

One cause of CLBP is microfractures of the vertebral body endplates. Back injury, genetic makeup, and other factors can cause degeneration of the spine, placing stress on the vertebral body endplates. The stress on the endplates can lead to microfractures. The basivertebral nerve is located within the vertebral body and transmits pain from the vertebral body endplates causing CLBP.

Following a small incision, instruments and X-ray guidance is used to reach the basivertebral nerve. Once the correct position is verified radiofrequency energy, or heat, ablates the basivertebral nerve which in turn will stop the transmission of pain signals. Intracept is an outpatient procedure that takes approximately 60-90 minutes and does not involve an implant or change the structure of the spine.

Key Benefits of Intracept

  • Provides a treatment option for patients who have not responded to conservative therapy
  • Minimally invasive, outpatient procedure
  • Implant-free and preserves the structure of the spine
  • Provides durable relief of chronic vertebrogenic low back pain

The Intracept Procedure is supported by 2 Randomized Control Trials with over 350 patients enrolling in the trials.  One trial demonstrated a highly significant difference in pain reduction at 3 months for patients that received the Intracept Procedure compared to patients that received standard care (conservative care). In the other trial patients who received the Intracept Procedure reported a 53% decrease in pain at their 2-year follow up appointments.

“Other than surgery, we’ve never had anything to offer patients suffering from debilitating chronic low back pain that have failed conservative therapy. With the Intracept Procedure, we are embarking on a paradigm shift in how we treat chronic low back pain. The significant improvement in pain and function demonstrated by the Intracept Procedure provides clear proof of the effectiveness of this treatment,” stated Dr. Durkin, Medical Director of the Pain Institute of Long Island

The Intracept Procedure targets the basivertebral nerve for the relief of chronic vertebrogenic low back pain.

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