Much like DRG stimulation, HF10 therapy is an advanced form of spinal cord stimulation that’s primarily designed for patients who are not good candidates for SCS or have tried it before and did not obtain the results they expected. The main difference between the two is that HF10 stimulation is about 10kHz, and most conventional SCS “pain pacemakers” operate at only a fraction of that level. The increased power means more pain relief, more independence, and better overall results, at least in many cases.

Although relatively new in the United States, HF10 has a long track record of success in Europe, which is what first drew our attention to this innovative technique. Because at PIOLI, our Board Certified experts also have a long track record of success that’s made us one of the leading pain management Institute in the country, and just like you, we are always looking to partner with a winner.


Some SCS patients are somewhat disappointed by the procedure’s method, because instead of pain, they feel persistent paresthesia (a mildly pleasant tingling or buzzing sensation). While the change is a vast improvement, some patients are looking for more. HF10 has almost no paresthesia; furthermore, most patients do not experience any unexpected surges or shocks when they twist or bend.

Furthermore, HF10 offers true 24/7/365, because the system can remain active even while sleeping or driving.

There are some differences during your appointment as well. HF10 patients may remain comfortably sedated throughout the entire brief procedure, and since HF10 is minimally invasive, there is normally no hospital stay required. Moreover, this procedure does not interfere with most medications, so there is no reason to significantly alter your daily schedule in the days leading up to your appointment.

Finally, the more powerful device is easy to charge and use.


HF10 spinal cord stimulation is essentially a tiny device that emits subtle energy waves that disrupt pain messages from nerve to brain, making it effective against most kinds of:

Millions of Americans deal with chronic back pain, and we are excited to offer DF 10 treatment to those who are looking for an alternative to surgery, medication, and traditional SCS therapy.

HF10’s smaller size and more powerful core make it an option worth considering. At PIOLI, we treat the patient – not just the condition, so your treatment plan will be customized to your needs. Call (833) 660-PAIN (7246) or use our Contact Formto schedule your initial consultation.