Walk Farther And Stand Longer
With Less Stenosis Pain

Simple actions like standing and walking should not trigger intense discomfort, but for millions of Americans, such pain is their everyday reality. This occasional pain is the hallmark of lumbar spinal stenosis. Over time, the spinal column narrows, leading to several issues that cause severe discomfort. As the condition progresses, especially as people pass their 50th birthday, the pain is often nearly debilitating.

The compassionate doctors at the Pain Institute of Long Island understand what it is like to avoid shopping malls, outdoor carnivals, and other events that should be fun and relaxing but instead engender feelings of dread that only seem to make the pain worse. Our Board Certified specialists offer the nationally-recognized Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression (MILD) procedure which many doctors and patients equate with removing a kink from a narrow drinking straw, so spinal fluid can flow freely without pain.


Lumbar Spine Stenosis Causes and Effects

Aside from age-associated wear and tear, spondylolisthesis (slipped or misaligned vertebrae) is the most common cause of LSS. What begins as a moderate ache or cramp around the calf area quickly becomes a chronic pain that’s particularly intense when these muscles are strained (e.g. sitting and standing).

PIOLI specialists can usually diagnose stenosis in only one visit, thanks to a combination of the latest diagnostic tools and their decades of combined experience.

Based on the evidence gathered in your appointment, the doctor discusses available stenosis treatment options with you. In addition to the mild procedure, we also offer:

All these nonsurgical and effective techniques are designed to help you return to normal activities in only a few hours and manage, or even eliminate, your pain.


The MILD Procedure

Almost 80 percent of patients say that Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression therapy restores their mobility by significantly easing their discomfort. The one-hour outpatient procedure uses an incision that’s roughly the size of a baby aspirin, so there is almost no recovery time and a very low risk for side-effects; there are also no implants or stitches.

The procedure itself is very straightforward as well. Your doctor will painstakingly remove tiny bone fragments and other debris from inside the spinal column, creating a gap where the space had been blocked.

This early-intervention procedure is especially well-suited for those patients diagnosed with mild or moderate stenosis.

The patented MILD Procedure is just one way we help relieve pain by addressing the root causes instead of simply masking the symptoms. Our experienced doctors have repeatedly seen the benefits of this advanced technique and they are anxious to show you how it can free you from chronic leg pain. It’s up to you to reach out to us, by calling 631-474-0707 or emailing us straightaway.