Long Island
Doctors Working to Improve Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common condition that forces people to plan their days and nights around their discomfort.  At the Pain Institute of Long Island, we have a team of professionals led by our Board Certified physicians who are dedicated to addressing the cause of your discomfort in order to alleviate your neck pain.



Understanding Neck Pain

Nine out of ten Americans suffer from daily neck pain at some point in their lives. It could be an occasional sharp, stabbing sensation or a dull, throbbing ache.  Chronic neck pain can impact every aspect of your life.

Many cases of neck pain can be linked to a general cause- such as muscle strain, injury, or overuse or can be attributed to a specific


What to Expect from Us

At the Pain Institute of Long Island our compassionate professionals establish a diagnosis, focus on your needs and work to establish a customized treatment plan.

Our doctors have decades of combined experience, but they are not ones to rest on their prior success.  Instead, they are constantly on the lookout for new techniques and procedures that can help you get better faster.


Getting Better

Our team provides many options to relieve your back pain.  Depending on the severity and conditions associated with your diagnosis our physicians may recommend therapeutic injections, diagnostic nerve blocks, radiofrequency nerve ablations, physical therapy, psychological therapy and, or medication management.

With all the choices available, there is no reason to live with chronic neck pain.   Allow us to help you achieve a more functional and fulfilling life. Schedule your consultation with one of our physicians by calling 631-474-0707 or emailing us today.