You Don’t Have to Live With Pain
Hear From Patients Just Like You


“The doctors at the Pain Insititute of Long Island helped me get back on my feet again. After suffering for so many years from a past back injury that left me in pain most of the time. I am able to once again play with my grandchildren. Thank you for giving me my life back!”

Anna M.


“I never felt rushed and always felt they had time to spend with me. I felt involved in my care and treatments and was provided choices.”

Mary W.


“Every member of the staff went above and beyond to help, comfort, and encourage us while facing many challenges. Thank you to an amazing group of people.”

The Donnelly Family


“Dr. Durkin is the most thoughtful and caring pain specialist I have ever met. In fact, he is one of the very best medical providers I have ever encountered”

Stacy U.


“This has made my life more manageable, it has helped me to regain some of what I lost due to tutor and nerve damage. Many thanks.”

Patricia M.


“Polite, Friendly, Understanding, Knowledgable in my pain and prescription care.”

Sandra M.


“What do I like best about their care, the time they take to explain things.”

Steven M.


“Something was done to address my pain today.”

Erin T.


“Dr. Kriener is caring, excellent in patient care, his nurse is very professional and caring. He has helped me with this accident pain. Would recommend him to anyone.”

Betthy E.


“Did recommend already, will recommend more, Dr. Durkin was great! Is compassionate, kind and so experienced.”

Donna C.


“Dr. Kreiner is knowledgable about different procedures.”

Judith B.


“Dr. is patient & tries to explain answers to my questions.”

Roberta A.


“It worked, very satisfied.”

Harvey G.


“Staff is courteous and extremely helpful. Wait time is minimal.”

Christopher B.


“Everything, everyone is lovely.”

Susan L.


“There is an ease of patience and a real feeling that everyone truly cares what’s going on with you.”

Donna O.


“The staff is phenomenal! Erica is the best, so helpful!.”

Robert O.