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Offering New Frontiers In Pain Relief

Finally approved for use in the United States in 2015, the VertiFlex Superion InterSpinous Spacer is a tiny, H-shaped, titanium alloy implant that may provide the answer for those people who suffer from chronic pain, weakness, tingling, or numbness in their legs or back due to moderate lumbar spinal stenosis. The VertiFlex Superion IDS opens the passageways in the spine to release the pressure on the nerves and thus end the discomfort that these patients feel.

The Board Certified experts at PIOLI are among the first pain relief specialists in New York City to offer this innovative therapy, largely because well over half of patients in one study said they felt considerably less pain even forty-eight months after the initial procedure. Results like that get our attention, because we are committed to offering the best available nonsurgical alternatives that quickly restore what pain has taken away from you.


Why Do I Feel Pain?

LSS often sets in around age 50, and the degenerative condition gets worse as patients age. Over time, the bones in the lumbar (lower) spine often collapse on top of one another, creating pressure on the nerves. This pressure causes pain whenever the lower back are in use, which is why many LSS patients feel intense pain while walking or standing and sudden (albeit temporary) relief when sitting.

The pain is usually most intense in the buttocks, lower back, legs, and groin. Because the nerves are compressed, many patients experience a numb or tingly feeling in these areas as well.


The Superion IDS Difference

Many of our LSS patients have responded extremely well to this device’s indirect decompression mechanism, because it’s one of the most minimally-invasive LSS treatments available, preserves motion, consists of a single piece, and is completely reversible. It goes onto the spine through a tube that’s about the size of a dime, which all but eliminates tissue and blood loss.

Essentially, the extension blocker keeps the gap in place that’s created while sitting when the patient stands or walks, making it ideal for those who have had only limited success with more conservative treatments but do not want to make the leap to spinal surgery.


What to Expect

The VertiFlex Superion IDS is just one of the minimally invasive treatment options that we recommend for:

All these approaches require only a few hours in a doctor’s office, followed by a few hours or days of recovery.

If other doctors have used other procedures to ease your back pain and these techniques failed to bring the hoped-for relief, the VertiFlex IDS may be right for you. At PIOLI, our pain management experts don’t rush into anything, but instead, our compassionate professionals do their best to understand both your pain and your expectations. To schedule your initial exam, please call 631-474-0707 or email us right away, because new patient space is limited.